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MTB Technical Services Co., Ltd.

MTB Technical Services Co., Ltd. was established by a group of lecturers of  Vietnam Maritime University. Our human resources include:

– Lecturers, Chief engineers, Electric Officers, who have worked in engine industry field, served as chief engineer on board domestic and foreign ship for many years.
– Energetic and enthusiastic young engineers.
– Skilled workers.

We service:

• TECHNICAL SERVICE FOR ALL MACHINERIES: Overhaul, consulting, installation, conversion, assessment for machineries & electrical instrument. With specialized strengths on diesel engines, turbochargers, steam turbine, governor, engine control systems, hydraulic systems, pumps, air compressors, refrigerator & air conditioners, boilers, propeller shaft seal bonding …
• SPARE PART SUPPLY SERVICE: We supply various kind of spare part, included Genuine spare part, OEM spare part and also Second hand spare part.
• MARINE  ENGINEERING TRAINING & MAN POWER SUPPLY SERVICE: We always make intensive training for Marine Engineering Officers, Mechanic workers, specialized English training, interviews, specialized machine translation English / Vietnamese / Russian / Korean / Japanese …Moreover, our Man Power after finish training and practicing, ready to support on all type of ship & factories.

We will always try, constantly improve and develop to provide our customers with the best quality, efficient and cost-effective services.



We would like to send our customers the respectful greetings and  look forward to effective cooperation.


PHẠM THANH HÒA – General Manager

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